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Almost Thanksgiving Break~! (and more college stuff)

Whee~ it’s almost thanksgiving break time and I’ll actually be back home for like a week before I have to go back to college. XD Not really sure if I’m gonna actually visit my old high school, though I do have teachers that I actually DO miss; Friends as well, since I don’t actually have all their cell numbers or whatnot. XP Might hang out with some of my friends back home, which if any of you guys see this, give my cell (if you have the number) a ring or even my house (preferred if it’s after Fri @ 3-ish or on Thurs @ 6-ish, depending if I have classes on Fri) and we can totally hang out. ^^ I miss all you guys, even though we’re all probably uber lazy bums about keeping in touch, but yeah~~ XP I might actually call people, but that’s only if I’m all uber motivated to...

I’ll admit that even though I don’t miss my hometown at all or my parents that much, it’ll be nice to go back. Of course, I know my parents are gonna complain to me (like my mom saying that I’m not eating as much as I used to or my parents telling me to sleep earlier); gah... their complaints... I REALLY~ don’t miss a bit. -___-; Speaking of weight, I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t been eating as much lately (since I haven’t felt like it and now that I think about it, I’ve been eating less since the summer...), even though most of my pants (with the exception of a VERY~ few pairs of pants) don’t fit right -- as they’re too loose. Gah~, me need new pants. XP

And~ with sleep, I can never sleep right anymore. My sleeping patterns are all so~ uber fucked up, it’s not even a joke anymore. It’s been like this for at least two months, but it’s gotten really bad recently. I have yet have had to stay up to do an all-nighter, but I just can’t sleep, even when I’m done with my work. I remember staying up on Sunday night ‘til 3:30 playing video games, which is sad, since I didn’t think about reading to make me tired or that I normally don’t play video games late at night either... What is seriously~ wrong with me? Am I just thinking too much? Am I too stressed out? (I did have three tests on Halloween, but still... that stress shouldn’t be hitting me still...) I don’t even know anymore at this point... T.T

 So much to do when I get home, like buying new stuff [(yet again~), which will mostly be clothes probably, some stuff for my dorm room (which I don’t care what my parents say anymore...), Guitar Hero (which I still haven’t figured out which one, but meh... I’ll try to get I-III, but we’ll see...), and yeah…], studying for two tests/quizzes that I’m gonna have after break -- quiz in my music class and final in my psych lab. Fun, fun~ T.T Also need to finish that stupid paper for my music class as well... Damn. I really wished that I dropped that class... oh well.

It’ll be an interesting week to be home, especially since I also have a friend that I made up here (who I’m obviously really good friends with or else I wouldn’t even think about letting her stay at my house for a week). Kinda funny that she was supposed to come home with me, but the plans got a bit changed, as she’s going to visit her sister first from Wednesday to Sunday, so me and my folks will have to pick her up at the airport by then. Ah well, I don’t mind really, but I SERIOUSLY~~ miss my car and driving~! I WANT~ to drive again and I CAN’T wait! ^^

Last week I chose classes for next semester and as of this point, I’m gonna be takin’ Bio107 [Bio I], Anth106 [Intro to Anthro], Psyc135 [Psych II], and Math112Q [Calc I], which hopefully~ my brain won’t kill me, ESPECIALLY in Calc, as I hated~~~~ it in high school and I had so much trouble with it, which was a miracle that I even passes that class! T.T Too bad that I only got a 3 on the AP exam though, so I have~ to take it again here... Sigh, but ah well. ^^; I was going to take the faster Calc (Math115Q), but since I don’t like Calc in general and I had trouble in high school... I rather not risk it; I’ll deal with the 3 semesters of Calc... -___-;

Funny thing is that I actually was planning on taking Calc next year with one of my friends and I was going to take Stat110, but it conflicted with like everything~! XD So, I’m taking Calc instead.  I’m really glad that I actually did get everything that I wanted as I have friends who couldn’t get classes that they wanted because they had a later date than I did, so hopefully they can get the classes over Winter Break or during the add/drop period as people tend to drop classes a lot over Winter Break and Peoplesoft doesn’t lock again until February.

Too lazy to mention other crap ‘bout my life today, so probably will mention it in another entry.
Peace out. :P

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