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Almost Thanksgiving Break~! (and more college stuff) [
Posted on November 14, 2007 @ 11:19 am
[ mood | apathetic ]

Whee~ it’s almost thanksgiving break time and I’ll actually be back home for like a week before I have to go back to college. XD Not really sure if I’m gonna actually visit my old high school, though I do have teachers that I actually DO miss; Friends as well, since I don’t actually have all their cell numbers or whatnot. XP Might hang out with some of my friends back home, which if any of you guys see this, give my cell (if you have the number) a ring or even my house (preferred if it’s after Fri @ 3-ish or on Thurs @ 6-ish, depending if I have classes on Fri) and we can totally hang out. ^^ I miss all you guys, even though we’re all probably uber lazy bums about keeping in touch, but yeah~~ XP I might actually call people, but that’s only if I’m all uber motivated to...

I’ll admit that even though I don’t miss my hometown at all or my parents that much, it’ll be nice to go back. Of course, I know my parents are gonna complain to me (like my mom saying that I’m not eating as much as I used to or my parents telling me to sleep earlier); gah... their complaints... I REALLY~ don’t miss a bit. -___-; Speaking of weight, I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t been eating as much lately (since I haven’t felt like it and now that I think about it, I’ve been eating less since the summer...), even though most of my pants (with the exception of a VERY~ few pairs of pants) don’t fit right -- as they’re too loose. Gah~, me need new pants. XP

And~ with sleep, I can never sleep right anymore. My sleeping patterns are all so~ uber fucked up, it’s not even a joke anymore. It’s been like this for at least two months, but it’s gotten really bad recently. I have yet have had to stay up to do an all-nighter, but I just can’t sleep, even when I’m done with my work. I remember staying up on Sunday night ‘til 3:30 playing video games, which is sad, since I didn’t think about reading to make me tired or that I normally don’t play video games late at night either... What is seriously~ wrong with me? Am I just thinking too much? Am I too stressed out? (I did have three tests on Halloween, but still... that stress shouldn’t be hitting me still...) I don’t even know anymore at this point... T.T

 So much to do when I get home, like buying new stuff [(yet again~), which will mostly be clothes probably, some stuff for my dorm room (which I don’t care what my parents say anymore...), Guitar Hero (which I still haven’t figured out which one, but meh... I’ll try to get I-III, but we’ll see...), and yeah…], studying for two tests/quizzes that I’m gonna have after break -- quiz in my music class and final in my psych lab. Fun, fun~ T.T Also need to finish that stupid paper for my music class as well... Damn. I really wished that I dropped that class... oh well.

It’ll be an interesting week to be home, especially since I also have a friend that I made up here (who I’m obviously really good friends with or else I wouldn’t even think about letting her stay at my house for a week). Kinda funny that she was supposed to come home with me, but the plans got a bit changed, as she’s going to visit her sister first from Wednesday to Sunday, so me and my folks will have to pick her up at the airport by then. Ah well, I don’t mind really, but I SERIOUSLY~~ miss my car and driving~! I WANT~ to drive again and I CAN’T wait! ^^

Last week I chose classes for next semester and as of this point, I’m gonna be takin’ Bio107 [Bio I], Anth106 [Intro to Anthro], Psyc135 [Psych II], and Math112Q [Calc I], which hopefully~ my brain won’t kill me, ESPECIALLY in Calc, as I hated~~~~ it in high school and I had so much trouble with it, which was a miracle that I even passes that class! T.T Too bad that I only got a 3 on the AP exam though, so I have~ to take it again here... Sigh, but ah well. ^^; I was going to take the faster Calc (Math115Q), but since I don’t like Calc in general and I had trouble in high school... I rather not risk it; I’ll deal with the 3 semesters of Calc... -___-;

Funny thing is that I actually was planning on taking Calc next year with one of my friends and I was going to take Stat110, but it conflicted with like everything~! XD So, I’m taking Calc instead.  I’m really glad that I actually did get everything that I wanted as I have friends who couldn’t get classes that they wanted because they had a later date than I did, so hopefully they can get the classes over Winter Break or during the add/drop period as people tend to drop classes a lot over Winter Break and Peoplesoft doesn’t lock again until February.

Too lazy to mention other crap ‘bout my life today, so probably will mention it in another entry.
Peace out. :P

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College, among other things~ XD [
Posted on September 20, 2007 @ 11:51 pm
[ mood | exhausted ]

Haven't posted in here in who KNOWS how long! XD Anywho~ it's been a few weeks since I started college and so far, every thing's been pretty good here. Of the classes that I'm taking (Sociology 107, Linguistics 125 [aka Linguistics 101], Psychology 132, and Music 190 [aka Non-Western Music], and one INTD class [it's like one of those freshmen classes...]), I have to say my least favorite class has to be Psychology 132 and I SERIOUSLY wanted to drop it, but the only reason that I'm not dropping it, is because all the more interesting Psyc classes have this one as the pre-requisite. T.T Meh... and go figure that it's also the most BORING Psyc class; even my academic adviser told me that. O.o; Go figure... -___-; Ah well, thanks to the summer college program, I don't have to take an English class, as I got that gen-ed out of the way and I can relax on the math until next semester. ^^

I personally am NOT fond of the dorm that I'm living in this year and it doesn't help that the room's all uber small too. XP My roommate and I get along pretty well; though she's moving out to live on the southern half on campus as it's more convenient for where her classes are and she's there really~ often. ^^; Of course, I wonder the same thing as most of my classes are in the southern half as well, but I'll deal with it as my classes aren't back to back anyway, 'cept for one day, but it doesn't make a difference to me. At least I know that she has nothing against me, so it's all good. Though... I have no idea if I'm getting a new roommate or I'm gonna be by myself for the rest of the year. I can already see the plus sides to being alone, but with a new roommate, if that happens.. dunno if I'll get along with them. -__-;; I usually get along fairly easily with people, but we'll see what happens...

I've met some new people and have made some new friends as well, which is pretty nice. It's kinda sad though that I really don't talk to anyone else on my floor, other than my roommate (she's the same way as me -- go figure), soon to be my ex-roomie. All of them seem to have their own cliques and it's just hard to try to know any of them. That sense... it's like high school all over. I've noticed it happen a lot, which sucks; doesn't help that I can be pretty shy. -___-;;;

I also joined a bunch of clubs as well: Asian American Student Association (AASA), Archery Club, Fencing Club, Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA), Japanese Animation Society (Anime Club) [that one HAD~~ to be obvious~! XD], and Taiko Drumming. There were some other ones, but I don't have time for them... XD I'm lovin' all of 'em so far and I'll hope I'll stay in them for the time that I'm gonna be here. At this point, it's only going to be two, as this college doesn't have my major, which is Forensics. In other words, I have to transfer to another college; this way, I save some money (as the one school that I applied to that had it was a private college -- virtually EVERY school that I looked up that had it was private or private and is also an all-girl's college). Sigh... this is of course if I don't change my major within the next two years. ^^;;;

To be honest... I really don't miss home all that much; unlike other people I know and such, my family and I aren't uber close, which works in my favor in this case. Honestly, besides my mom's cooking (I want some ACTUAL, AUTHENTIC Chinese food~! T.T), my friends back home, my video games (didn't have room to bring those or my PS2 up here), and my bed (Oh. Did I mention that until now... I've NEVER slept on a bunk bed? [technically, it's more like the beds are lofted] Even over the summer, I wasn't on one.. and I officially hate it.). Well, you can't like everything... so.. I've had to just deal with it. XP I'm adjusting to that bed, but I still don't like it. ^^;

Until my next entry 'bout college... XD


Wow... that was pretty long... ^^; If you don't care about my life, the parts below might be of interest, perhaps...:

- I'm working on both my icon challenges (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch [general series] and Len Tsukimori x Kahoko Hino [La Corda D'Oro]), though... my Code Geass one's my priority, since I'm sooo~~ behind on it. XP I slack off waa~y too much. Hopefully, I can get the Code Geass ones up sometime before the end of the month Also with icons, I'm also making some extra icons on the side for practice and those will be like an icon batch as well, once I make enough (I have like 5 done).

- I KNOW Crescendo (La Corda D'Oro fansite) needs to be updated, so please STOP reminding me about it. As WELL as asking for me to re-upload the frickin' downloads. I said I was re-uploading them, and I wasn't lying about it; I've just been busy with other things. I plan on uploading the next layout with the update, among the other tad-bits that I have worked on. [Geez, people who have visited Comedy Is Love (Lovely Complex fansite) haven't been complaining... probably since I haven't uploaded the episodes yet. XP] I swear those people have really no respect when people do that, especially after I said not to ask me about those. -___-;;

- Hm, I'm considering on moving Aternal Abyss, so it's actually the main page for my mini sub-domain on baka-saru[dot]net, but I dunno if I feel like making a new layout, let alone re-coding it. I've made way~ too many layouts within the past two or so weeks; all for FLs too. T.T

Not much else to say, so toodles for now~!

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La Corda D'Oro: Len Tsukimori x Kahoko Hino - Icon Challenge @ iconfiend100 [
Posted on April 07, 2007 @ 8:17 pm
[ mood | tired ]

Artist: icerydragon
Series: La Corda D'Oro (Kiniro no Corda)
Character: Len Tsukimori x Kahoko Hino
Theme Set: Alpha
Theme(s): 002, 003, 006, 014, 015, 017, 019, 024, 033, 034, 041, 046, 047, 051
# of new icons: 14
# of icons total: 27/100
Last updated: 07/23/07
Credits: Resources

Comments are appreciated and crediting is preferred. :P With the blank/wordless ones, I'd appreciate it if they aren't edited without my knowledge. ^^

Batch 1: April 7, 2007 (13 icons)
Batch 2: July 23, 2007 (14 icons)

Preview (from batch 2):

A Violin Romance...Collapse )

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Resources [
Posted on April 07, 2007 @ 2:15 pm
[ mood | energetic ]

Instead of repeating my credits every single time for my graphics (which have pretty much been icons here), I decided to post all the places where I've gotten images, textures, etc~

For a majority of the textures and some icon brushes that I've used, I've got them from the sites listed below:
Celestial Star, Aethereality, FEEL Designs, Fluffymonster, Colorfilter, Aun Exist Amor

For images, it ranges. Some I've gotten from all over, while others are ones that I've scanned/took screenshots of.
Code Geass Image Thread @ Animesuki.com forums
Random Curiousity (mainly for my Code Geass icon challenge, but that might get more pics from other series too, if I decide to make more icons from those series)
Crescendo - Though it IS my La Corda fansite and I wouldn't have to credit it, but I did take my screenshots from my site. :P
My-Neoromance (mainly for La Corda related pics, but might change in the future)
Official Japanese La Corda D'Oro 2 site

For icon text brushes, I've only recently downloaded a whole bunch as usually I just type in the text myself in Photoshop.
100x100 Brushes LJ Community - I would credit the individual people that made the brushes as well, but since I was kinda stupid enough to not pay attention to who actually made them as I was downloading them, I just decided to credit the community in general. I'll probably update this part in the future.

Below are the people that I got brushes and such for icons recently (so I've ACTUALLY kept track of it):
Last Updated: September 29, 2007

viciousgurl wonderland__, ca_pris, starlit_designs, neke, amethystia, scarlite, jougen_no_tsuki, ghost_goodthing, viciousgurl, strawbrrygashs, papermache, artlessbak
xsleepingswanxshoegal_icons, dbzmerciter2005,chained_angel13, auctrix_icons, daisukicons, fragilecorpse, nv1978, paine_09, masquerade_arts, fearher, unwritten, yuna_ki, vampire_kiss, raynedanser, resunik, spikesbint,

If you see that I've used any of your brushes and such, but I haven't credited you, please let me know and I'll add your name to this list. ^^

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Code Geass - General Series Icon Challenge @ iconfiend100 [
Posted on March 20, 2007 @ 4:43 pm
[ mood | calm ]

Artist: icerydragon
Series: Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch
Character: General Series
Theme Set: Gamma
Theme(s): 009, 012, 016, 034, 035, 040, 043, 017, 048, 049, 050, 051
# of new icons: 12
# of icons total: 15/100
Last updated: 10/24/07
Credits: Resources

Batch 1: March 20, 2007 (3 icons)
Batch 2: October 24, 2007 (12 icons)

Comments are appreciated and crediting is preferred. :P
WARNING: Some of the icons are spoilers from later episodes of Code Geass. If you have already seen them, then no worries; if not, it's up to you. ^^

Preview (from Batch 2):

A Revolution for Peace or Chaos...?Collapse )

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I'm 18~! Even the day before, I'm uber lucky!! [
Posted on February 03, 2007 @ 11:14 am
[mood] Energetic
[music] Shakugan no Shana: Hishoku no Sora - OP1

Wow~ I'm 18 (wow, I feel kinda old already. XD)now, as it's my b-day. Hm, not expecting much for my b-day, as usual, but ah well. :D

I'm in a reeeeeally~ good mood for several reasons:
  • The La Corda D'Oro Memorial book that I got my friend to order for me came today.
I'll have to wait 'til Monday to get it from him, but it's TOTALLY gonna be worth the wait~! ^^
  • I heard back from the last college I applied to and I got in~!
My mom was seriously flipping last year when my grades were under a 3.0 (but didn't get lower than a 2.75; still above average) [wished that I didn't take so many Honors classes last year; that's partially what killed my average. XP] and was uber, uber worried that I wouldn't get into college since by her standards, they're reeally bad. I kept telling her that I'd be fine and I'd still get into college. And I was right, I got into all 5 schools I applied to. :P

And of course, now I've got an excuse to go to Boston, as the last school I got in to is there and my dad and I made a deal that if I got in, that he'd take me there. ^^ He better keep his part of the deal, as I already have.
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Life + funny moment [
Posted on January 27, 2007 @ 5:08 pm
[mood]  Estatic
[music] Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Meteor

Yay~! I'm in a pretty good mood since I got another college acceptance letter and I'm estatic that I've gotten into 4 out of the 5 schools I applied to; I haven't heard from the last school yet, so yeah... ^^; Guess I'm not so dumb after all if I got into 4 schools, huh?

Heh, I'm also happy that I'm doing better this quarter (not that I was doing that bad first quarter anyway, still over a 3.0), so it's all good. 'Course, I can't let my grades drop too much  (aka don't go on overdrive mode w/senioritis) or else I'm screwed... XP Ah well.

Grr, I'm a little annoyed that for my Art 4 class that we have to do a series (of 3 pieces) and all have to have a theme. And, he gave us a week and a half to do 'em. X.x; I chose to do optical illusions at my theme and a part of me kinda regrets it as I have to draw sooooo~ many lines and coloring... fun~ XD

Wow, today, one my friends came over and we were working on are part of our project for our English 4 class, which is the movie poster and costumes (the art part esscentually) for our remake version of the play Antigone that we're currently reading in that class. Anywho, we were working on the poster (she was starting the basic outline of the pic) when I mentioned, "So, how's AP English?" And she quickly replies, "Wow, how can I be in that class when we're working on this project together?" That's when I realize my stupidity. XD She also mentioned that I was out there today and we both were laughing over it. XD Wow... I'm NOT gonna forget that for a while. XD
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Wanna contribute/become a staff member at Crescendo? [
Posted on January 24, 2007 @ 10:17 pm
[Mood]  Blah
[Music] t.A.T.u - Obizienka Nol

Maintaining a fansite in general is a lot~~ of work and even more so when you wanna add stuff that really isn't available in English. I can barely read and understand Japanese, and even with me using an online dictionary, I can only get so far. XP So any help that I can get is very, very much appreciated indeed. ^^

I'm currently looking for h
elp for my La Corda D'Oro fansite, which is pretty obvious that it's my biggest and most popular site. I don't mind if you want to be a volunteer or an actual staff member, just let me know which when you apply.

EDIT (November 13, 2008): I sent out a group e-mail to all my current staff and to everyone that posted here, if I haven't already, so that's up to date. I have a TON of things to sort out with this site in general (like moving it to it's new home on my domain, Aternal Abyss [dot] net; the new link for the fansite: here), so hopefully, I can get it all straighten out ASAP as it'd be nice to have the site a bit more active and such. It doesn't help that college has me goin' crazy-ish this semester and I know next semester's going to be soo~ much worse too... Gah... what was I think when I decided to take 20 credits next semester...? -____-;;;;

Requirements (general; specific ones have additional requirements):
- Whether you want to volunteer or want to be an actual staff member, PLEASE and I mean PLEASE don't decide to join the staff and then just go completely MIA without any notice whatsoever, like I've had happen before. For those who want to volunteer, it doesn't apply as much, but if you want to contribute something and tell me that you will, don't just never send it to me.
- Please don't take forever on something that I have assigned. If you need more time, please contact me and give me a valid excuse about it. I'm usually pretty lenient anyway, but DON'T push it. (Ex. Taking a month on translating something that's only a few lines long)

Game screencapper:
I can get a few screencaps, but not many, as I'm having trouble getting the endings. I'm trying my best, but even knowing the basic idea behind the game, I don't know enough Japanese to get by all of it. ^^;

EDIT (June 21, 2007): I was able to get all of the HQ screenshots from la_corda_doroneoroma, and angemedia,</lj></lj></lj>
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Icon challenges [
Posted on January 23, 2007 @ 10:28 pm
[Mood]  Amused 
[Music] Ouran Koukou Host Club: 僕らのLove Style (Boku no Love Style) - Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin song

Hee, hee. I've decided that besides the icon challenges that I'll hopefully be able to claim through the iconfiend100 community, one being from Code Geass; the other being for some of my favorite characters from KH1, 2, and CoM that I'd give myself an icon challenge. I've got two reasons: 1) I can't claim more than 2 challenges at once with the community (also inspired me to try it) and 2) I've been wanting to do something like this for a while and since I love making icons anyway, why not make a challenge out of it?

For the ones that I'm hoping to claim the iconfiend100 community, I did leave out the canon characters from the FF games and just picking my faves that were original to the KH series (Sora, Riku, Roxas, and Axel). For Code Geass, I did pretty much the same thing with the KH one and just chose my favorite characters. (Lelouch, Karen, C.C., and Suzaku) I was gonna do just those four, but I thought it'd be more fun to do the whole series in general instead.

And for my challenge(s), I'd list the first 50 things that I can think up for themes and then make icons for them. My first series... the BL game Oujisama Lv1~! I've loved this game forever, so why not make icons for it. ^^ If it works out, I might try and go for 100. But, for right now... that's kinda risky... XP Another reason I didn't want this series for the iconfiend100
community. ^^

  1. Truths or Lies
  2. Destiny
  3. Recovery
  4. We'll Always Be Together
  5. Loneliness
  6. Just For a Moment
  7. Innocence
  8. Tainted
  9. Staring Death in the Eye
  10. Frozen in Time
  11. Childhood
  12. Admirer
  13. Falling
  14. Taking Risks
  15. Sleep
  16. Distortion
  17. Breaking All The Rules
  18. Don't Look Back
  19. Tomorrow Always Comes
  20. Betrayal
  21. Opposites Attract
  22. Promise
  23. Now or Never
  24. Solitude
  25. True Love
  26. Unexpected
  27. Misundertanding
  28. Rain
  29. Blood
  30. Tears
  31. It's Yours Alone
  32. Lost
  33. Carefree
  34. Panic
  35. Obsession
  36. 1000 Words
  37. Breaking Point
  38. Secrets
  39. Rebel
  40. Blackmail
  41. Sugar Rush
  42. Reunion
  43. What the?
  44. Smile
  45. Pride
  46. Checkmate
  47. So Little Time
  48. Regrets
  49. Afraid
  50. Legend
I've finished two of them so far and I'll be posting the first batch in the near future. ^^
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Holidays and La Corda D'Oro stuff. :P [
Posted on December 27, 2006 @ 6:43 pm
[Mood]  Creative
[Music] Tackey and Tsubasa - Ai Check It !

Hm, as with every Christmas that rolls around, my family and I don't really do all that much... which I guess in a way is a good thing, but also gets kinda boring after a while. XP I FINALLY finished a series for once (but I ended up starting another one... yet again. XD) I got a nice bunch of manga including:

4-7 of Alice 19
1 of La Corda D'Oro (one of my new favorites and one of my current obsessions~ :P)
5 of Juvenille Orion
7-8 of Gravitation
8 of D.N.Angel
3 of Shaman King

Think that's all of it. Among my other gifts, I got money from both my parents and from some of their friends and my relatives, a necklace from my cousin, two books (13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson and Summer Sisters by Judy Blume), an iPod (with pretty much all my x-mas money), a new messenger bag, and some clothes when I went after x-mas shopping with her. (it's like a tradition between the 2 of us since I was little. :P)

Wow~ XD I finally burned a DVD w/music and the quality isn't all crapped up. XD It's funny since I tried burning it like 5 times and it was only after that 5th time that it actually worked. Krystal should know; she was there and was the one I was burning the DVD for. :P

Dunno why I had this on completely private; ah well. XD
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